Mathare Peace Initiative Kenya (MPI-KENYA) is a Social Network Community Based organization
based in Mathare. The organization works in Mathare and its environs and the coordination of its activities are conducted from Mathare 4B where the organization’s Offices are located. MPI-Kenya is registered in the Office of the Vice President Ministry of Home Affairs, Heritage and Sports, Department of Social Services. Currently the organization has a membership of thirty both males and female. The organization was formed in 2009 and was registered in 2012 it is among the pioneer peace organizations championing for peaceful community in a resource constrained settings. MPI Kenya is dedicated to build a community free from conflict and promote sustainable peace and ethnic tolerance among the different communities in informal settlements of Mathare. MPI Kenya is made up of motivated, energetic women and youth certain to become leaders and change makers.
MPI KENYA’s programs are designed from proper research and needs assessment. The interventions and mitigation efforts are tailored to promote peace MPI Kenya encourages a new model of leadership that represents a global vision of good governance towards all people regardless of the social, economic, political or cultural status. We encourage leadership that goes beyond the pursuit of self-interest and towards a moral vision of working collectively for the well-being and prosperity of all.

Our programs are youth, women and teenage friendly, designed to impact knowledge and participation on social and political  issues, to enable sustainably development in the society, we promote and encourage the idea of private entrepreneurship among young leaders to enable them initiate small income generation activities.

Our Vision statement:  is to have a free, just, peaceful human right community for all.

Our core value: we believe in transparency and accountability to both the community and sponsors.

Mission statement: To promote and protect the humans rights for children women and youths in society to fully understand their rights, realize their potential and capabilities through social
mentorship, life skills, peace building and awareness creation training. To raise the socio-economic status of youth and women by engaging them in gainful and skills building for service to the community

Goal: To identify, gaps and bridge the violence caused by youth and help them to become part of meaningful citizenry in Kenya.